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About Mindfulness Plus

Do you:
• Have aspects of your life you wish to change?
• Suffer from stress, anxiety, lack of confidence or depression?
• Have a challenging situation in your life such as bereavement, relationship break-up or redundancy?
• Suffer from the effects of trauma?
• Feel stuck or lack a sense of well-being, enthusiasm and interest in your life?

Mindfulness Plus is a unique approach which I have developed for dealing with these and many other issues. It can be summed up as: transformation through awareness and radical acceptance. Using the guided application of mindfulness it addresses a wide range of issues and difficulties.

Eight-week courses
As well as individual sessions, I run eight-week mindfulness courses for individuals or groups of up to three. Find out more about the course here. The cost of the course is £240 for one, £200 each for two people, and $170 each for three. Times to be arranged to suit.

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Your practitioner - Sian Marian

I have been practicing Shiatsu since 1985 and Cranio-sacral therapy since 2005. I have been a meditation practitioner and teacher for over 25 years.

I have a PHD in applied mathematics from Cambridge University. I have a 28 year old daughter and my husband and I have just celebrated our twentieth anniversary. Mindfulness Plus draws on my wide range of skills and life experience.

You may receive Mindfulness Plus guidance face to face at my clinic in Cambridge UK, over the phone or by Skype.


Find out more about

Mindfulness Plus, in Cambridge or by phone, how it works, how it can address stress, anxiety, depression and other difficulties, and what happens in a session.
How my approach can promote confidence, health, wellbeing and other positive qualities
How my approach can help with healing trauma.
Charges and special offers
My training and qualifications.
How many sessions you will need and how to book.
What people have to say.
Meditation practices that I teach.
My monthly blog on love and relationships.

Mindfulness Plus is a form of personal development which has very therapeutic benefits. However it is not a form of therapy and does not replace psychotherapy or counselling when these are needed. However it does work very well alongside these.

Transforming stress, anxiety and depression into health, wellbeing and confidence

For many people the stress and demands of contemporary life can lead to experiencing stress, anxiety and even depression at times. Feelings of stress may arise from the way we are thinking, anxiety may be held in the body as tension and depression may result from negative beliefs and thought patterns. The therapeutic application of mindfulness may be able to dissolve the negativity we get into and promote positive qualities such as health, wellbeing and confidence.

Getting to the Mindfulness Plus clinic in Cambridge

My Mindfulness Plus clinic is located in South Cambridge, 10 minutes' walk from the train station. I can also offer sessions by phone or skype.

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